Black Tropics

Black Tropics
The explosive new
literary novel by John Bagnole.

The rainforest of the Ivory Coast, 1969…

“In the beginning, the jungle had its way with me.” So begins the incredible saga of a young Peace Corps Volunteer in a remote hinterland school in the Ivory Coast in West Africa. The year is 1969, a time of ethnic turmoil and political uncertainty. Into this whirlpool drops John Bagnole, who arrives with no cross-cultural training, weak French skills, and limited competence in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Told with careful plotting, a keen wit, no-holds-barred farcical humor, and a well-honed, colorful, and sometimes antic vocabulary, the narrator’s unsatisfactory training background turns out to be the least of his problems, as he must deal with an anti-American French director, an amorphous gang of vicious pedophiles and gold thieves, the toils and dangers of life in the jungle, and an array of physical, emotional, and psychological tests of his mettle. As he makes his way in this totally alien society, our PCV narrator, armed with only his idealism, a positive outlook, a taste for pastis, a warm smile, and his manhood, discovers that he has embarked on a voyage of self-discovery that will test his resolve to do good, as he finds himself ineluctably heading for disaster and becoming intimately involved in an evil plot, so sickening and so disturbing, that he feels compelled to take action, himself, to end it once and for all!

“The toughest book you’ll ever love.”

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Praise for Black Tropics

In the iconoclastic and brazen tradition of Henry Miller, John Bagnole has created a stunning and memorable, often hilarious, fictionalized account of his life in the Peace Corps as a young English teacher in the Ivory Coast in West Africa…while spotlighting the abuse of girls, he lampoons the conventional sacred cows of religion, tribalism, neo-colonialism, & expatriate excess…as he becomes embroiled in a world filled with… amazing characters…snakes, dangers and sex galore…a climax that will have you verifying that all your body parts are still in place…simply unputdownable!

—Roger Jackson, Publisher, bibliographer

Though not a novice to West Africa, Black Tropics still bowled me over from start to finish…intricately plotted with cascading episodes so incredible and unforeseen as to send me reeling on an emotional and cultural ziplining ride over and through rainforest places totally unexpected…down below, the jungle sparkles with outlandish characters, seductive women, villains, heroes, and anti-heroes; it’s a fight to the finish, a page-turning saga of farce, sensuality, magic, wit, deep ideas, singular language, and an unforgettable climax! 

—William R. Jallop, reader, writer, poet, bon vivant, boulevardier

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Black Tropics

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About the Author

John Bagnole hails from East Orange, NJ. He holds degrees from George Washington, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown. His Peace Corps years led to a career spanning 40 years, teaching English in Washington, D.C., Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and at OPIE, Ohio University. He is an avid reader, cinéphile, book collector, and amateur Egyptologist. He lives with his exotic wife in Savannah, where he is striving to fend off beatification and canonization and misses his grown daughters.